We are a non-profit and public benefit organization based in South Africa.

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Respite Care is a way to provide direct relief to the family caregiver’s health and wellbeing, by sending the caregivers on a short, much-deserved break to rejuvenate and revitalize them to return to face their daily challenges once more. Occasionally, the trauma of separation is too great for the caregiver or child and then the entire family goes away together, which will then be a Healing Retreat.


Outreach is done in the form of specialized wheelchairs, assistive devices, scholarships, learnerships, caregiver empowerment, job placements, food and clothing to individuals and special needs schools. A vital component for us is to advocate and promote for the rights of people with disabilities.

About Us

Care4u2.Respite.Outreach is a non-profit and a public benefit organization based in South Africa that was started in 2012 by a group of ladies who are passionate about uplifting the lives of cognitively and physically challenged individuals through Respite Care, assistive devices, learnerships and caregiver empowerment. We have also assisted Syrian Refugees with special needs in Turkey and Jordan.

You Are the Difference!

According to UNICEF, there are 2.1 million children with disabilities in South Africa. In excess of 600 000 of them have no access to schools and many are taken care of by either single or child headed households. Your contribution can make a difference in the day to day functioning of these individuals, thus enriching their lives.





What Our Families are Saying

When we arrived at Magalies Park it was wonderful. It is such a beautiful place, I never thought that I would ever visit such a place. I thank God for this experience and I pray that God bless you Nikki and Andrea for everything that you do for those in need.


I really enjoyed and highly appreciate the kindness of Care4u2 nominating me for the wonderful treat that I had at Hands on treatment. I had the most peaceful and also healthy weekend of my life. I would like to thank all the beautiful staff for the great job that they are doing. Thank you so much.


Thank you Care4u2… As a single father, raising my son with autism has been difficult. The time that you sent me away, helped a lot. It gave me time to think, rest and be happy. I have never had this chance before. Thank you.


I am so grateful and thankful for the (walker and buggy) that you have given to my son. The moment we received this made such a great impact.

Tears streamed down my face when my son said the heart-warming words, ‘I can walk’ The joy on his face at that moment I can never exchange for anything. May the Almighty reward your foundation and may He bless you to continue doing for others what you have done for my son and my family.

Soraya Titus