RESPITE care/short break is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members living with disabilities.

Healing Holidays are part of RESPITE care where we send the entire family away for bonding and a much needed break together.

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respite-5 OUTREACH

The OUTREACH Programme is designed to cater for additional needs of individuals living with disabilities. We provide services to individuals and families to enhance the quality of their lives.

In addition to this we also provide a service whereby these children can have opportunities with job placement through scholarship and learnership opportunities.

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How to help…..

In order to continue with the above services, we require your assistance in the following ways….

* Accommodation : Partnerships with Hotel Groups / Timeshares / B&B’s

* Transport : Partnerships with Airlines / Car Rental Companies

* Food Parcels for : RESPITE Care /Healing Holidays / OUTREACH Programme

* Leisure Activity Funds: To cover miscellaneous activities on RESPITE care / healing holidays

* Learnerships funds: Monthly amounts to cover independence from school to work transition

* Funds for Assistive Devices: Wheelchairs / Ramps / Hearing Aids / Computers, etc

* Miscellaneous : Toiletries/ Clothing / Gift Packs